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Release Your Inner Goddess With Jewelry Designer Izaskun Zabala

Some people see jewelry as just an accessory, something to add to your final look but then there is Izaskun Zabala, she sees jewelry as art where she draws inspiration from “elegance as a vibration of Divine Feminine.” Izaskun is based in NYC and her pieces are edgy, chic, and definitely unique. Head over to her web-store to check out her stunning work and keep reading to learn more about Izaskun Zabala…

Can you share the story on how your love for jewelry started and when did you know this was something that you wanted to pursue? I thought I was going to be a fashion designer, but in 2000, I started taking jewelry classes in Europe and knew this was it.


Since starting your on brand in 2013, what have been the biggest challenges of being your own boss? What are the biggest rewards? Biggest challenges: everything depends on me and I am hard working by nature, so I work 10 days/week!!! Biggest rewards: to see how my business and creative vision sell and inspire others

Where does your inspiration come from? Can you walk us through your design process? My inspiration comes from Elegance as a vibration of Divine Feminine, old wisdom and the fact that we are connected to major forces in the cosmos, like the moon and the planetary orbits. I am a sculptor and my hands are my magic tools. I love the challenge of carving wax to create symmetrical and exact prototypes. Waxes are then molded and from the mold I obtain the jewel in the desired metal.


If you could go back in time to when you first began this entire process, what advice would you give yourself and to other women looking to start their own businesses?Advice to myself: make 7-8h sleep/night a mustAdvice to other women: 1. look for help from non for profit organizations, there is help in NY for women entrepreneurs!! 2. listen to advice but ultimately follow your intuition.

When do you feel most beautiful? After making love

What are your favorites spots in NYC? The Met, Zenkichi, Indochine, Bergdorf Goodman, Assouline Bookstore, De Vera


model: Margaret of Zeal



Taikan Everything, You’re EVERYTHING

A few months ago I was gifted a dope tote by brand Taikan. The bag is everything I ever wanted in a tote. If you know me, you know I’m always sporting a small cross-body bag BUT the Sherpa Totebag is a new favorite. There are so many compartments to choose from for any of your personal things, it is very spacious inside and even has a slot for your laptop. That’s all in the inside; on the outside, there are two small pockets (front and back) and two small pockets on left and right sides for water bottle or any bottle of your choice. Just to give you a visual on how much it can fit, I carried two sneakers, a make up bag, two bottoms and two water bottles all in one trip to Coney Island for a shoot. Long story short, this bag is perfect! Head over to Taikan’s online store to check out the Sherpa Totebag and many more dope bags.



Pit Stop at Miracle of Midtown

As New Yorkers, we tend to not take a step back and enjoy our surroundings. My best friend Margaret and I came across Clinton Community Garden after having a nice brunch at Cantina Rooftop. We met Charles, one of the owners of a small plot in the garden. He gave us a little tour, showed us his garden dedicated to his lovely wife Carol and even gave me a little souvenir to take home- a teeny green tomato! Margaret and I enjoyed every inch of the garden and can’t wait to go back! Check out some photos below, and please remember that it’s ok to be a tourist in your own city!


Meghan Kay Sadler- Photo Storytelling

I don’t know what it is about photography that just draws my attention. The way someone can tell stories with just one shot and capture a specific moment, an emotion and a feeling is something I truly admire. For my recent feature on MISSBISH, we were able to interview Meghan Kay Sadler, a truly inspiring photographer from LA. She shares how she got into photography, her inspirations, her style and much more. Check out her story here and stay tuned for more features!

Launch of ZEAL

In my last post I talked about a launch party for my friend’s fashion/art blog, ZEAL. Well, the party was a success and so many people came out to show support. ZEAL is now live showcasing some of Margaret’s past styling work and Alpha’s stunning photographs of art. On top of all of that, the blog is the USA distributor for the brand Viña Romero! Head over to ZEAL now and feel the vibe.


photo by: Alpha

My best friend Margaret and her beau Alpha, have been brainstorming for months now about how they can share their love for art and fashion with the world and it is finally coming together. On July 24th, they will be launching their very own site called ZEAL- a collaborative art & fashion blog. In celebration of the launch, they will be having a party to introduce the site.  I am so happy to help spread the word about this project. If any of my readers are in the NYC area and would like to attend, head over to and make sure to rsvp!

Lovely Essay to Females Everywhere…

One of the founders of MISSBISH, Lindsay Jang, has written a  beautiful and inspiring post about beauty and body image. I read it this morning on my commute to work and felt so uplifted and motivated afterwards. Everyday, us women have such a struggle thinking about what to wear, how to do our hair, should we to put make up or not, ” do I look fat in this dress?” etc. Sometimes we need a little reminder that all that SHIT doesn’t matter! We need to think about ourselves before wondering what others may think. Lindsay helps us with that, check out her letter to us bad bishes here!! (photo above is Lindsay herself, shot by Carmen Chan.)

Met Gala 2017

Every year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts their Met Gala. The big event is an annual fundraiser to raise money for the museum’s Costume Institute in NYC. Celebrities walk the carpet up the Met’s stairs decked out in extravagant outfits while trying to follow a pre-announced theme, this year the exhibition was dedicated to a special designer (one of my favorites of all time) “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between.” The 74 year old Japanese designer which founded her brand in 1969, is known for her unorthodox fashion, now she is the only second living designer to be given a solo show at the Met (the first was Yves Saint Laurent in ’83). The designer pushes the envelope with every piece she sends down her runways, she refuses to abide by the rules of fashion which is one of the top reasons why she was chosen as this years honoree.  In an interview in The New York Times Rei expresses, “Doing something new doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful in the eyes of the people who look at it.  The result of doing something new is beautiful. The fact of doing something new and people being moved by it is what’s beautiful.”

As mentioned before, celebrities are expected to show up dress according to the theme of the night. This past Monday, while some honored the designer to the T, others decided for a more subtle approach. I asked my best friend Margaret to choose her top three looks of the night and share her thoughts with us. Margaret is all things fashion and I know she lives for the Met Gala, so who better to assist me in sharing the top show stopperRihanna x CDGs of this year’s gala.


Rihanna crowned “Queen of the Night”: need we say more?

Not only has Rihanna  showed up honoring the theme, she isn’t afraid to take risk and show everyone how it’s done.  Her looks are always effortless!









Zendaya in a Dolce & Gabbana off-the-shoulder ballgown.

Queen of the Red Carpet is what Zendaya has been labeled as of late.  Not only does she look elegant, she has proven that doing less is always more.



Michele Lemy



Michele Lemy in Comme des Garçon.

Michele had no issues sticking to the theme of the Met Gala and mixing it up with her unique style.