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  • Therapy Session with Flower Bodega

    STORY TIME!! Growing up I was always surrounded by flowers and plants because of my mother. She has the most amazing green thumb, it’s kind of sickening sometimes. When I was younger, she would wake me up on the weekend to help her outside in the garden. At the time, I wasn’t the biggest fan […]

  • dream


    May and June were very wild months, to say the least. 2020 in all so far has been a hot mess but the last two months were mixed with crazy emotions. That being said, I wanted to share my latest playlist; where the order of the songs are just as random as my emotions and […]

  • Feel Good Inc.

    Feel Good Inc.

    Hi all, this past week I’ve made it to day 60 of quarantine. WOWOWOWOWOW!!! Crazy right. I think I have learned so much of myself during this time; I’ve fallen back into hobbies that I once loved, like creating playlists. For me, music is so powerful. I grew up around music, whether it was my […]

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