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  • NEW PLAYLIST ALERT!! | happy summer 2019

    It’s summertime here in the east coast and I always associate hot sunny weather with good music; you know the tracks that make you dance while you’re stuck in traffic on your way to the beach or on your way out to a fun night with friends. In honor of the warmer weather, I created […]

  • ang vol. 2 “productive high” edition

    ang vol. 2 “productive high” edition

    Ever have one of those days that you’re just on fire (in a good way) and getting sh** done, whether it be at your day job or content creating? Lately, I’ve been having many of those days and honestly, I’m loving it. During times like that, I make sure to have some bomb ass music […]

  • ang vol. 1 chill edition

    ang vol. 1 chill edition

    Music has played a huge role in my life ever since I could remember. I was super young and I remember my father strumming his acoustic guitar playing some song he came up with. My mother would wake me up every morning with a little tune she made up; my brothers and I have a […]