Behind the Scenes: Fashion Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes: Fashion Photoshoot

Two weeks ago I teamed up with Pamela for a photoshoot. The photo shoot started out wonderfully, the sky was beautiful, the birds were chirping UNTIL the skies opened and down came a whole lot of rain!!! It was literally only 10 minutes into the shoot when the torrential downpour began. But honestly, two creatives, a camera, and rain…we made it work. The outcome: STUNNING photos. Check out some shots and a little #bts vide below. Enjoy!

xo, ang.

New Video Alert!! | March Favorites

I know we’re halfway through April but it’s never too late to share my favorites for the month before. For my March favorites, I share some pretty cool beauty products along with three fashion products. Catch the video below, and if you want to check any of the products out, I’ve linked everything below!

xo, ang

Drunk Elephant Sunscreen:

Glossier Boy Brow:

Glossier Lidstar:

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer:

Native products use code 20_angf_ for 20%off:

The Daily Edited handbags:

Nike Outburst OG:

Finding Inspiration in Lost Files

Finding Inspiration in Lost Files

As a busy young woman, I find that I’m literally spreading my time super thin. Whether it’s with my office job or my hobby, it can be very mentally draining. Sometimes I want to just give up and not push myself so hard, but then I find little things that motivate me and inspire me to keep on keeping on.

I’ve been in a small creative funk lately and today I decided to go through my camera roll in my phone (who else does this when seeking inspo?) to see what catches my eye and help get my creative juices flowing. While scrolling through my album, I came across some shots I took last year of a fashion event for MATCHESFASHION and a photo gallery for a good friend of mine, Valine; a super talented young photographer. I wanted to share those photos with you all, maybe someone else finds inspiration in them also.

How do you guys cope with a creative funk? What do you turn to motivate you?

xo, ang.

My February Favorites!!

My February Favorites!!

Yesterday I introduced a new series on my YouTube Channel; monthly favorites. Each month I will share with everyone what I’m obsessing over. For the month of February, I put together some beauty, fashion and lifestyle items and talked about them in my latest video. You can check it out below (every item is linked below for you)!

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Xx, ang.

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette:

350 Nature Glow Morphe eyeshadow palette: planner:

The Self-Love Experiment:

Nike Zoom 2k:

Vans Authentic “Off The Sticker”:

Jordan Retro 13:

Air Max Plus:

New Video Alert!! | Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

New Video Alert!! | Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I know some people are procrastinators like yours truly and probably can’t find OR haven’t found the perfect outfit to wear for the day of love. I have put together a quick little video to help the ladies out in that department. In my latest video, I give you three options for outfits; starting with a super casual laid back look and finishing with a cute and classy dress decked out with my favorite faux fur coat. Check out the video below to help you put together your best fit for this Valentine’s Day. I have included all links to the items mentioned in the description box of the video.

Thanks for tuning in, love Ang.


Washington Heights x “Puro Platano” Converse

Washington Heights x “Puro Platano” Converse

Last month I received a pair of Chucks with a very special meaning behind them. A fellow Dominican creative, Ray Polanco Jr., customized a pair of the classic Converse and dubbed them “Puro Platano.” The sneakers were in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and were created as an ode to the Dominican Flag and a staple food, platanos. If you’re not familiar with what a platano is, it’s one of our most popular food items; we smash them to make mangu, we fry them to make tostones, we pretty much do anything and everything to them to enjoy with either Induveca salami, eggs, avocado etc. It’s only right that the “Puro Platano” chucks are an all over green with gold detailing on the eyelets and Converse branding. Red, white and blue details on the sole are the colors of our flag and lastly, my favorite part of the sneakers, is the camo brown design on the inside which represents the variety of skin complexions within our culture.

All that being said, my friend Maria and I, decided to go to the heart of Dominican culture here in NYC to showcase the beauty of the sneakers. We took a stroll in the Heights, took some pictures, talked about how amazing the local avocados looked and ended our day with some sancocho at Casa del Mofongo. Check out the pics below!