I almost burned down the house…

Yep you read that right…and it’s only 7:45am on a Tuesday. That’s the best description of my life right now…ON FIRE. Not necessarily all in a bad way, some good things.

Last month I started a new “thing” where I don’t complain. It was tough at first but with each passing day it becomes easier and easier. I will admit that sometimes there’s a glitch in the matrix and i’ll find myself complaining about something stupid but then I stop myself. Why did I start this “no complaining thing?” Well, because I noticed that when you spend your ENTIRE day complaining, it just puts you in a negative mood. It’s like you’re creating your own little dark cloud. I also noticed that the people around me weren’t helping; complaining all day everyday…that gets toxic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to engage in some friendly complaining banter but there’s a point where it just becomes too much and it gets overwhelming and kind of annoying. So, I decided to stop and in turn, my days have been happier and way more positive. There’s a saying, “complaining won’t solve any of your problems.” That right there is the truth.

Besides the no complaining situation I’ve also tried to meditate. I didn’t understand the power of meditation until I actually did it. If you don’t know already from past posts, I have PTSD, anxiety and mild depression. Something that has been helping me a lot was downloading the Calm app. Not only does the app include daily meditations but it has soundscapes and sleep stories. I’m trying to do their daily meditations in the morning before clocking in, which is one of the best ways to start my day. I’ve noticed my mood change; more relaxed and less stressed throughout the day. If you haven’t checked the Calm app out, definitely do and see how you can incorporate it into your life.

On top of all this I was dealing with some family health stuff, which really has taken a toll on me. When things like this happen, you really do see who truly is a friend and who’s not. It sucks to say that but it’s the reality. To the one’s that have taken their time to ask me how I am doing, you’re truly appreciated and to the one’s that haven’t….kick rocks. I’m grown, there are other things in life that deserve my time and attention; dealing with those kinds of people is not one of them.

Ok, I’m done. This was just a rant post, some things that I needed to get off my chest. I don’t know if I’ll do this again, let’s see.

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