Therapy Session with Flower Bodega

STORY TIME!! Growing up I was always surrounded by flowers and plants because of my mother. She has the most amazing green thumb, it’s kind of sickening sometimes. When I was younger, she would wake me up on the weekend to help her outside in the garden. At the time, I wasn’t the biggest fan but I loved helping her with something she loved. I didn’t think that when I grew up, I would be obsessed with plants and flowers as much as I am now. For me, it has become a form of therapy. The same way music brings me peace, so does being around nature.

I’ve been really going through it these last couple of months. Personal emotions, work issues that lead to anxiety and just life. But luckily, slowly I have found that I can do things that I love for therapy. Some people seek a psychologist to help and cope but right now during COVID, I haven’t been able to take that course of action. Thankfully I found an online workshop with a flower shop called Flower Bodega.

Flower Bodega shipped her participants a bundle of flowers and plants to create a tropical floral arrangement. The bundle included: assorted palm leaves, cymbidium orchid, anthuriums, celosia and protea along with floral shears, a small ceramic vase and clear floral tape. I was super excited. The hour long workshop was full of Salsa music (to put us all in a tropical mood), laughs and Aurea was sure to make everyone feel comfortable while creating our arrangements.

At the end of the workshop, I felt joy, happiness, peace and every other synonym there is for happy. Now I have officially come full circle; I finally feel the love my mother felt when we were in her garden.





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