Coronavirus… But Make it Fashion

Today makes day 7 of COVID-19 isolation for me and I’ve received a handful of promo emails from clothing stores. But something interesting I noticed about these emails is they are heavily promoting loungewear; gotta love a good marketing plan! Usually, my choice of loungewear is an oversized tee and some biker shorts but since most of us will be working from home or have chosen to practice good social distancing, I feel it’s important to spruce up the loungewear. I’m a certifiable homebody but for those that like to go out and dress up, a sense of anxiety may come up during this time so why not quarantine fashionably?

I picked out some items from Urban Outfitter’s Out from Under collection for you to check out. I already added the jumpsuits to my cart!

Let me know in the comments how your #quarantineandchill is going?

images: Urban Outfitters





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