Just a girl and her kicks

If you guys know me or follow me on social you will see that I’m always in sneakers. Sneakers have been such a huge part of my life since I could remember. I was the only girl in the household growing up, with a younger brother and an older brother, so I was always around sneakers. Thankfully, my mother never pushed me to be super “girly” instead was always allowing me to express my originality when it came to fashion.

Enough with the sentimental back story, time for the good stuff. I recently received some very special sneakers from #footlocker and decided to debut my sneaker unboxing series on my channel. The #nike Air Max 200 Legend of Her Pack is dedicated to the creator/designer of the infamous Nike Swoosh, Carolyn Davidson. The brand paid homage to Davidson with this sneaker and I couldn’t be any more proud to rock them on my feet. Check out my video below and if you’re not already, be sure to subscribe to my channel!

subscribe here: YouTube Channel

xo, ang

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