Whenever I see a fellow Dominican do something creative and amazing that touches me I just want to share it with you and all the world. So here it goes- Saso, Dominican from the Bronx has a gift when it comes to rapping and creating stunning visuals. With his latest video for his track “Sazon”, he takes it back to his roots paying homage to La Quisqueya! The video is full of glimpses of things we Dominicans would see on the daily, to the classic cherry wood bedframe I know most of us had in our homes at one point, to Sancocho on the mesa with tostones and aguacate on the side! Check out the video above and read about what inspires Saso below…

How would you describe your sound and how do you set yourself apart from other rappers?

I would describe my sound a hybrid of Brazilian Baile Funk and Jersey Club Music with trap beats, flows, and melodies; in English, Spanish and Portuguese expressions.

My music is an authentic attempt at creating something new aside from the increasingly saturated auto-tuned trap vibe we all listen to and love right now. With that being said, what sets me apart from other rappers is THAT unique sound and my ability to flow on the beats with ease and very organically.

In “Sazón”, you say “melting pot that done made me famoso.” How has growing up in the Bronx influenced your art and how do you pay homage to the city? 

I spent half of my life living in DR, so I grew up listening to artists like Omega El Fuerte, Raulin, Anthony Santos but also listened to a lot of rock and metal, so a lot of Linkin Park, Sum 41, System of a Down, Van Halen and Iron Maiden. So when I moved to NY in 2002, it was at the peak of the Dipset era, G-Unit and Weezy. I missed living in NY during many hip hop golden ages/eras but I make it up by substituting my own country influences.

The Bronx is a very tight-knit community, prideful and known to be the last borough standing against gentrification, so I’m always honoring The BX and how living here has turned me into a special kind of New Yorker filled with history and withstanding culture.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration right now is The Bronx. We as a borough have been in the shadows and unheard for way too long; So being able to witness people here, who come from essentially nothing, make a name for themselves, makes me feel like I am able to write my own history. Shoutout to Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Cardi B, A Boogie, the Bodega Boys and French Montana.

2018 is coming to an end, what’s been your most memorable moment thus far?

This year has been really good to me. I went from having little to no supporters, to having an entire 14 show tour all over the country over one single EP. one my most memorable moments was heading out to a real grunge, goth, warehouse performance in West Philly, rocked the house, and then heading to my job at the office the next day like nothing happened. My code switch game was untouchable.

What can we hope to see from you in the near future?

Expect another beat-intensive project by summer 2019, expect more videos, more performances, more media collaborations and for sure, more puteria & sandungueo!


  1. Oh the video is so great! It permeates the Dominican happiness and spirit. Love the caldero en la mesa (the cooking pot on the table), the festive and mischievous Diablos Cojurlos o Vegigantes. Even the dining room painting depicts the suffering and strengths of the Dominicans. Great article!

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