Taikan Everything, You’re EVERYTHING

A few months ago I was gifted a dope tote by brand Taikan. The bag is everything I ever wanted in a tote. If you know me, you know I’m always sporting a small cross-body bag BUT the Sherpa Totebag is a new favorite. There are so many compartments to choose from for any of your personal things, it is very spacious inside and even has a slot for your laptop. That’s all in the inside; on the outside, there are two small pockets (front and back) and two small pockets on left and right sides for water bottle or any bottle of your choice. Just to give you a visual on how much it can fit, I carried two sneakers, a make up bag, two bottoms and two water bottles all in one trip to Coney Island for a shoot. Long story short, this bag is perfect! Head over to Taikan’s online store to check out the Sherpa Totebag and many more dope bags.



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