World off, Music on

A.Chal: Welcome to Gazi, Roy Woods: Waking to Dawn, Majid Jordan: Majid Jordan & dvsn: Sept. 5th

These four artists are currently bumping in rotation on my phone. I know there is way more music out there, but I’ve been in an r&b flow lately. Someone told me recently “R&B is soul”… it definitely is. I was never an R&B fan but the sounds matched with perfect vocals, gives me chills. One specific artist out, who I’ve never heard before and just bleeds R&B along with soul is A.Chal, his new album, click to listen , is a sultry escape. His voice alone just pulls you in,  add the mellow beats, you’re drifting away. I usually listen to this album in the morning on my way to work, which is perfect to wake up to and to get my day started.  Some of my favorite tracks are Vibe W/U, Far From Home, 4 U and Right Now; the first two are like sex infused ballads but on a different level, for the other two, it was the beat that got me hooked. (PS, shout out to the person who put me on!)

Onto the next: My Majid Jordan obsession continues with their self titled album, click to listen . I have been a fan of them for some years now and with every new song release or video release my infatuation grows; I think the perfect way to describe this fascination with them is: makes my body move, stimulates my mind and strums the strings of my  heart.Finally in October, I will be attending their concert here in Brooklyn and I can’t wait.  I’ll be going alone but, it’s best that way because I’ll only be paying attention to them and won’t be able to pay attention to whoever comes with me. Lol.

Music really is a heal to all things for me, if I can have a great conversation solely about music with someone, you got me.  Music=Vibes ❤



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