Meanwhile, in Canada…

The weekend of October 9-12 was a memorable one.  It was my best friend’s birthday and we wanted to get out and have some fun.  We went to Quebec City and had the time of our lives (after the 8 hr and 36 min drive).  I left Friday morning but didn’t get there until 8-9pm so that day wasn’t all that thrilling.  Saturday, we all met up and decided to take a stroll through the historic area of Quebec City.  Such a charm.  The views are to die for and so beautiful in this city.  It has everything from military history to religious history.  Now, I am not such a huge history fan; History was my least favorite subject in high school, but it was interesting. We did a small walk through tour under the boardwalk located next to the St. Lawrence River.  After that we just roamed around, checking out all that Chateau Frontenac had to offer.  There was such a cool outdoor art gallery called Rue du Tresor where local artist display their artwork.  The narrow streets in this area were full of pubs, restaurants, boutiques and different attractions.

We were far from Niagara Falls but we went to Montmorency Falls which are 272 feet tall; little fun fact, these falls are 99 feet taller than Niagara Falls!  The falls were so breathtaking.  There was a path of stairs that go all the way down the side of the cliff which we thought we could make it, but the closer we got to the falls, the colder it got. So we just enjoyed the view from an overlook.

After all the walking, we recharged back in the hotel and relaxed until the night festivities.

“QUEBEC PUB CRAWL” time!!!!! This was the first time I ever did something like this and I will totally try it again and HIGHLY recommend it.  You pay a very low price for tickets (I believe less than $20) that includes entrance to three pubs and a nightclub.  Not bad AT ALL.  After getting us lost (I need to learn french), we got to the first pub called Bar Les Yeux Bleux.  We were a little late and just ended up getting a pitcher and having a shot at this bar before we found out where the rest of the Pub Crawl was.  This is when we met Laurent, our “tour guide/host” of the Quebec Pub Crawl.  We met him at a pub called La Ninkasi.  He apologized a bunch of times for not waiting for us and got us some beers.  He was such a down to earth and fun guy, always making sure we were enjoying ourselves.  From this point on…we laughed, danced, screamed, lived it up and rocked the rest of the night away.

I will definitely be returning to Canada, flying, not driving.  I loved it and definitely suggest that you take a quick visit to our neighbors up north.  Pictures below!!! Enjoy!! ❤ (I wish I could upload my videos, sorry)



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