Be Happy

Smiling is really an easy cure to having a bad day. This past Saturday I woke up in a very blah mood but I had to get up early because my brothers were visiting me from Pennsylvania. I got ready and hey picked me up and we headed to Sweet Chick in the city. OMG I tried chicken and waffles for the very first time and it was the most amazing thing to have ever been created!!!! My brothers and I talked about everything, caught up with each other and reminisced about our crazy little antics. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I missed my brothers too much!! 


Where should I start, well first things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I used to set New Years resolutions for myself but then I realized that I’m constantly putting short term goals for myself throughout the year anyway; so no resolution for me. This year’s goal however is to be happy.  I know that is very broad but happiness is something very difficult to achieve.  If you really think about it, it is so easy to please other people rather than please yourself and do things that truly make YOU happy.  Ever since I have moved to NYC that’s what I have been doing, pleasing others, worrying about others way too much and I forgot the number one most important person, ME.  That being said, this year I will take my time to do things that I want to do.  Vacation where I want to, choose how much work I take on in the office, speak my mind, express my feelings whenever I feel like it….etc.

January is coming to an end soon and honestly, it’s been a hell of a month already but I’ve loved the stress and it is all for a great outcome.  My puppy, King, is the most jolliest dog I have ever seen and I have a least three vacations planned for this upcoming year.  I write for an amazing female driven website called MISSBISH; it is such a wonderful feeling seeing my work being being published and viewed my people all over the world. The fact that I am able to write for an all female run company is such a big feat for me; I am all about fem-power and getting to be a part of something like this is such a “check mark” off my bucket list.

Thanks to all my friends that have pushed me and have helped me realize a few things that needed adjustment in my life…. you guys are the best!!!

Free 6lack

I remember first listening to 6lack earlier this year on the r&b station in iTunes. The song was “PRBLMS”and I think I repeated that song about six times throughout my work day. I looked him up and found “Loyal” “Bless Me” and “Ex Calling.” Right then I needed to know when the album was dropping. 

6lack’s debut album came out recently in November. Every single song is like a story. Somehow, someway, he makes each song so relatable and they seem very personal. In a recent interview he said “It’s just kind of a transition period for me. I was stuck in a deal for 4 or 5 years, and this is kind of like my coming out party.” Hence why he called the album Free 6lack. 

If you’re looking for a new artist to check out or to add to your playlist, definitely check him out. Listen in SoundCloud

Stop feeding the meter

Just a friendly reminder

T'yanna Tells

Stop letting people waste your fucking time. 

Dear, Reader

They are not worth it. They do not text you, they rarely if ever call, they do not even watch your snaps. See i did not have to say a name, and you already have somebody in your head. Cut them off. I am so over seeing people complain and cry over people who do not deserve the space in your head and heart to bother you. People who care about you make time for you. I know sounds crazy right, they tell you. That school is demanding and do not get me started on how work is drilling them. oh lord please do not get me started on how work occupies their whole life and how after they are so tired to even text. But you being the lovely person you are, you understand people are busy and time is…

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Happy (early) Birthday to ME! 

My best friend Margaret surprised me last month with a text: 

I was at work and had to run to the bathroom to practically scream!! I was finally going to see my all time favorite artists in concert. Although my bday isn’t until the 17th, she knew how obsessed I am with Majid.  10/3 couldn’t have come any faster, the whole entire day at work I was not able to focus or concentrate. All I was thinking about was being at Webster Hall screaming my lungs out with my best friend. 

It was beyond amazing, words cannot describe how happy I was. All the fans at Webster Hall made sure Majid Jordan was welcomed they way they deserved. Thank you Majid for an unforgettable night and thank you Margaret for the best birthday present ever!!! ❤️

“Back to Pizza Zoo”

Remember those pizza parties we used to have when we were younger, after school where we would all stuff our faces with pizza, gossip about who’s kissing who and playing Nintendo….Well Pizza Zoo is just like that, but just add twerking, liquor, trap music, Jordan’s, chokers and pizza eating contests.   The best part is that it’s during the day!! I’m such a homebody so this is perfect for me; I can party during the day, drink and dance and still get home on time to walk my puppy.  One of the masterminds behind this day party Pizza Zoo madness, was kind enough to answer a few of my questions, check out below.  Tomorrow, 8/6/16, is the next Pizza Zoo, Twitter and Instagram have been buzzing (TwitterInstagram).  To my followers and readers that will be attending…..SEE YOU THERE!!!

How did the idea of Pizza Zoo come about? Pizza Zoo was birthed by Tim, he was the creative mastermind behind what you see today. We, as a group, collectively make decisions and execute the ideas you see.

How do you choose the theme? Themes are chosen randomly; giant brainstorms usually turnout many ideas and then they are narrowed down.
What’s your favorite theme so far? Our favorite theme is probably our latest. I’m sure that will continue to change though. (Back to the Future theme)

Did you think it’ll blow up the way it has? (I see some people travel from out of state eg. Chicago, Mass., North Carolina) Seeing how it has become is very humbling but extremely motivating. The bigger it gets the more, we can do and give back to our loyal party go-ers.

Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni


World off, Music on

A.Chal: Welcome to Gazi, Roy Woods: Waking to Dawn, Majid Jordan: Majid Jordan & dvsn: Sept. 5th

These four artists are currently bumping in rotation on my phone. I know there is way more music out there, but I’ve been in an r&b flow lately. Someone told me recently “R&B is soul”… it definitely is. I was never an R&B fan but the sounds matched with perfect vocals, gives me chills. One specific artist out, who I’ve never heard before and just bleeds R&B along with soul is A.Chal, his new album, click to listen , is a sultry escape. His voice alone just pulls you in,  add the mellow beats, you’re drifting away. I usually listen to this album in the morning on my way to work, which is perfect to wake up to and to get my day started.  Some of my favorite tracks are Vibe W/U, Far From Home, 4 U and Right Now; the first two are like sex infused ballads but on a different level, for the other two, it was the beat that got me hooked. (PS, shout out to the person who put me on!)

Onto the next: My Majid Jordan obsession continues with their self titled album, click to listen . I have been a fan of them for some years now and with every new song release or video release my infatuation grows; I think the perfect way to describe this fascination with them is: makes my body move, stimulates my mind and strums the strings of my  heart.Finally in October, I will be attending their concert here in Brooklyn and I can’t wait.  I’ll be going alone but, it’s best that way because I’ll only be paying attention to them and won’t be able to pay attention to whoever comes with me. Lol.

Music really is a heal to all things for me, if I can have a great conversation solely about music with someone, you got me.  Music=Vibes ❤