In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month…

May was dedicated to Mental Health Awareness and I chose to share my story. I have the lovely opportunity to write for MISSBISH, a female-driven editorial platform, that allowed me to write a piece about how I cope with my PTSD and anxiety.  Only a few people know that I suffer from this but I felt that it was time to share and appropriate for Mental Health Awareness month. Music helps me through the hard times so it was only right to create a playlist of what songs, currently, help me to relax in hopes to help anyone else. You can click here to read the entire story and listen to my playlist.

Who Run The World?

This month is Women’s History Month and on March 8th it was International Women’s Day so that being said, I recently put together a video of some fabulous boss babes that I know where each of us share what being a woman means in today’s society.

2018 has been dubbed the year of the female by many people. We have a lot of campaigns for the #metoo movement, a lot of women have been speaking up and making their voices heard regarding this topic and other topics pertaining to how women have been put on the back burner for so many years. I love all of this! My mother raised us as a single parent and she is my number one motivation to be the best woman I can be. We are strong beings and we can’t be quiet about our opinions any longer.

All that being said, you can watch my newest video here! Comment, like and subscribe for more videos.

Get High Naturally with HigherDOSE

About two weeks ago I was invited by HigherDOSE for a complimentary sauna session to celebrate their grand opening at Equinox on 74th street in NYC. I don’t remember if I shared with you guys the feature I did of HigherDOSE for MISSBISH, here’s the link to that.

I learned so much about this newer technology of infrared saunas and how chromotherapy not only helps relax but also detoxifies and leaves you feeling euphoric without a whole 45 minute work-out.

I was able to bring my camera to the session, click here to watch how infrared saunas work. If you guys live in the area or ever visit NYC, I highly recommend you booking a sauna session at HigherDOSE.

My Very First NYFW

This past week was New York Fashion Week and I had the amazing opportunity to attend a couple of shows. The first show was VFILES: Be Heard. Make Noise powered by adidas Originals. It was a huge party, filled with poppin music, dope dancers, live performances and live photoshoot onstage. Besides the issue of the insane entrance to the show, the show was all about urban fashion.

The next show I attended was on the other side of the fashion spectrum, SEL ARLENE. The designer Sel, is a young woman who has a knack for all things sexy yet chic. Every piece that went down the runway, I would say “I need that in my closet.” Check out my latest video here to get the visuals to both shows!

New Video ALERT!

If you don’t know, I started a YouTube channel and recently I uploaded a new video. I had asked my fellow friends to submit some questions and I would answer them. I got some pretty deep questions, but hey, how else will my viewers get to know me?

Watch below! I hope this gives you guys a little insight about who I am and what I’m about! Don’t forget to like & subscribe!! xx

Sunday’s Are For Oversized Hoodies…

I recently received something that I have been obsessing over: The Weeknd x PUMA oversized hoodie. The hoodie is part of The Weeknd’s third collaborative collection with PUMA centered around “Crafted Military.” Constructed with premium materials, the collection is definitely a must in your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Check out the photos below where I paired the hoodie with some distressed Zara jeans, classic black Old Skool Vans, a Zara puffer and my trusty Taikan Everything.

Thank you PUMA for the oh-so-comfortable sweater!


Glossier Black Friday!

How was your Black Friday shopping? I did some pretty heavy online shopping; thank goodness the deals continue for another few days. One cool deal is for one of the top skincare and beauty brands, Glossier. The brand’s sale started yesterday but will continue through November 27 where you can shop the ENTIRE site and receive 20% off AND free shipping (20% off available in the showroom also).

Speaking from personal experience, this is such a steal! I thank Glossier for my glowing skin right now. Head over to the site and take advantage of the discount.

A photographer, travel blogger and singer…

Hi all, so it’s been some time since I shared with you some features that I’ve done. In the recent month, I had the opportunity to interview three pretty dope and influential people. Let me start with the MISSBISH features: First, DAFINA; she is a Swedish-Albanian singer/songwriter who has such a unique R&B flow. From her lyrics to her sense of style, everything about DAFINA screams queen! Click here to read all about her! Next, Johnny Utah; an urban/street style photographer based here in my city, NYC. I learned so much about him while interviewing him; how he got into photography, the equipment he uses and his thoughts about “iphone-ography.” Feature here!

Lastly, my interview with Jennifer Morilla for Not only does this young Latina travel to amazing breathtaking places, but she also provides fresh, drinkable water to 100 people for up to five years! Learn more about her here!

It’s been such a busy month for me, I don’t think I’ve had a good nights sleep all this month. But it is all worth it; I got to learn about three amazing people who in their own way, make a mark in the world.

iPhone X Unboxing

All day yesterday I was ansy at work, waiting for it to hit 5pm so I could rush home to hold my new iPhone. If you know me, then you know I always have to have the LATEST iPhone. 

As soon as I got home, I set up my station to film an unboxing of the iPhone X for my YouTube channel. 

Keep in mind that this is literally my first ever unboxing of any sort so cut me some slack. Click the link to check out my video!! 

Portraits: Gunner Stahl x PUMA

Yesterday, 10/21, I had the pleasure of attending a special event dedicated to the amazing Gunner Stahl. Rap’s popular photographer is known for his portraits of famous rappers and artists such as Kehlani, Gucci Mane, Lil Yachty and much more. In last night’s event, Stahl not only showcased his dope shots but also released his merch in collaboration with PUMA. The collection included a super stylish pink beanie, pink dad cap and white fitted.  This first fall/winter collection is dedicated to his mother who passed from breast cancer, so it was only right to use the pink. Check out the photos below!

A special thanks to Anai, Nikki and PUMA for having Margaret and I there!