New Video Alert!! | Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I know some people are procrastinators like yours truly and probably can’t find OR haven’t found the perfect outfit to wear for the day of love. I have put together a quick little video to help the ladies out in that department. In my latest video, I give you three options for outfits; starting with a super casual laid back look and finishing with a cute and classy dress decked out with my favorite faux fur coat. Check out the video below to help you put together your best fit for this Valentine’s Day. I have included all links to the items mentioned in the description box of the video.

Thanks for tuning in, love Ang.


Xmas Party Get Ready With Me!

This year my firm took over Tao Downtown in NYC for our yearly Xmas party. I had an outfit picked out for about a month but I wouldn’t be the queen of procrastination if I didn’t decide to pick a totally new outfit the day before the party. I documented my last minute preparations in my latest vlog… Check it out below!

Sazon with a Side of Aguacate!

Whenever I see a fellow Dominican do something creative and amazing that touches me I just want to share it with you and all the world. So here it goes- Saso, Dominican from the Bronx has a gift when it comes to rapping and creating stunning visuals. With his latest video for his track “Sazon”, he takes it back to his roots paying homage to La Quisqueya! The video is full of glimpses of things we Dominicans would see on the daily, to the classic cherry wood bedframe I know most of us had in our homes at one point, to Sancocho on the mesa with tostones and aguacate on the side! Check out the video above and read about what inspires Saso below…

How would you describe your sound and how do you set yourself apart from other rappers?

I would describe my sound a hybrid of Brazilian Baile Funk and Jersey Club Music with trap beats, flows, and melodies; in English, Spanish and Portuguese expressions.

My music is an authentic attempt at creating something new aside from the increasingly saturated auto-tuned trap vibe we all listen to and love right now. With that being said, what sets me apart from other rappers is THAT unique sound and my ability to flow on the beats with ease and very organically.

In “Sazón”, you say “melting pot that done made me famoso.” How has growing up in the Bronx influenced your art and how do you pay homage to the city? 

I spent half of my life living in DR, so I grew up listening to artists like Omega El Fuerte, Raulin, Anthony Santos but also listened to a lot of rock and metal, so a lot of Linkin Park, Sum 41, System of a Down, Van Halen and Iron Maiden. So when I moved to NY in 2002, it was at the peak of the Dipset era, G-Unit and Weezy. I missed living in NY during many hip hop golden ages/eras but I make it up by substituting my own country influences.

The Bronx is a very tight-knit community, prideful and known to be the last borough standing against gentrification, so I’m always honoring The BX and how living here has turned me into a special kind of New Yorker filled with history and withstanding culture.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration right now is The Bronx. We as a borough have been in the shadows and unheard for way too long; So being able to witness people here, who come from essentially nothing, make a name for themselves, makes me feel like I am able to write my own history. Shoutout to Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Cardi B, A Boogie, the Bodega Boys and French Montana.

2018 is coming to an end, what’s been your most memorable moment thus far?

This year has been really good to me. I went from having little to no supporters, to having an entire 14 show tour all over the country over one single EP. one my most memorable moments was heading out to a real grunge, goth, warehouse performance in West Philly, rocked the house, and then heading to my job at the office the next day like nothing happened. My code switch game was untouchable.

What can we hope to see from you in the near future?

Expect another beat-intensive project by summer 2019, expect more videos, more performances, more media collaborations and for sure, more puteria & sandungueo!

Kiana Ledé & Abby Jasmine, Female Artists to Look Out For…

This week was a very exciting week for me with my writing. Two features went live on MISSBISH that I was so passionate about. R&B singer/songwriter Kiana Ledé’s latest EP Selfless is a journey of emotions both raw and real. Catch her interview here.

Abby Jasmine has always been interested in pursuing a musical career, as a matter of fact, she recorded her first song at the age of 7! The Staten Island native is currently working on her EP, soon to be released. Read all about her here.

Washington Heights x “Puro Platano” Converse

Last month I received a pair of Chucks with a very special meaning behind them. A fellow Dominican creative, Ray Polanco Jr., customized a pair of the classic Converse and dubbed them “Puro Platano.” The sneakers were in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and were created as an ode to the Dominican Flag and a staple food, platanos. If you’re not familiar with what a platano is, it’s one of our most popular food items; we smash them to make mangu, we fry them to make tostones, we pretty much do anything and everything to them to enjoy with either Induveca salami, eggs, avocado etc. It’s only right that the “Puro Platano” chucks are an all over green with gold detailing on the eyelets and Converse branding. Red, white and blue details on the sole are the colors of our flag and lastly, my favorite part of the sneakers, is the camo brown design on the inside which represents the variety of skin complexions within our culture.

All that being said, my friend Maria and I, decided to go to the heart of Dominican culture here in NYC to showcase the beauty of the sneakers. We took a stroll in the Heights, took some pictures, talked about how amazing the local avocados looked and ended our day with some sancocho at Casa del Mofongo. Check out the pics below!



Hey everyone! It is finally Fall on the east coast and I can not be any happier. Not only is Autumn my season because I was born in October, #libraseason, but also because I get to be cozy and fashionable. I feel like my fashion thrives more during this time of year, I feel more comfortable with layers like, knit sweaters, hoodies, wool coats, flannels, etc. All that being said, I decided to share with you a new video where I break down what are some fashion essentials you should have in your closet. Check out my latest video below! Hope you enjoy!💚


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Influencer Daiana Veron

Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 to October 15 and during this time I wanted to shed light on some women that I personally admire who just so happen to be Latina. We have come a long way, breaking strides and creating our own paths. One young woman that has been doing just that is Daiana Veron, she is someone who I look up to, not only because her street style is A1 but because she doesn’t let anything OR anyone hold her back from making her dreams come true. Read all about this beautiful soul below…

Streetwear can often feel like it’s male-dominated; in your opinion, how are women paving their own lane in streetwear? 

Streetwear is still very male-dominated but I think for the first time ever, women are starting to get the recognition they deserve in street fashion. Personally, I feel that social media has made a huge impact for women who love streetwear, it has given us a platform where we can express our selves freely; making it impossible to ignore!


In May, you posted a picture on IG that personally moved me. It’s a photo of you rocking Pharrell Williams adidas Human Race NMDEquality sneakers. The caption describes what equality means and how it specifically resonates in your life. Can you share what challenges, if any, have you had to overcome as a Latina?

Being a Latina in the US definitely has its challenges; it’s even harder when the immigration system isn’t built to help you grow to your fullest potential. I was born in Argentina and moved to the US at a young age, at the time I never realized the struggles I would go through as an adult. For starters, I was never able to attend college due to loans not being available to people without a social security number. With this came the struggle of finding a job that would hire me without a social security number, however, I’ve always been a hard worker so I taught my self how to do bookkeeping and started a small bookkeeping business. It wasn’t until Obama became president that I was able to get DACA and work for a company. I think the most important thing we need to remember as a Latina/o is that where there’s a will, there’s a way! My legal situation is completely “fixed” at the moment, but I’m making the most out of it and taking full advantage of any opportunity I get!

Anyone that follows you will be instantly inspired. Who or what inspires you?

My most current inspirations have to be Aleali May and Raven Varona; these two ladies are literally killing it and leaving their mark along the way. Aleali is a fashion icon who literally paved her way to being one of the most recognized streetwear fashionistas we have. Raven is an amazing photographer with some iconic captures, touring all over the world thanks to her amazing work. I can only pray that I get to tell a story like this someday!

What would you like to have accomplished by the end of this year?

So far this year has been full of surprises, some good and some challenging, but I am hoping to make a move to a bigger city and pursue my modeling career more seriously.

Finish the sentence…

The first pair of sneakers I fell in love with was…Adidas shelltoes and Air Force 1s

My comfort food is…milanesas and rice… have to have rice haha

What I’m most proud of myself is…for never giving up on the idea of a better me

The best advice I’ve been given was…to surround my self with people who appreciate my hard work and dedication 

NYFW SS19 Vlog!

NYFW has just ended and I had the opportunity to attend a runway show for the first time ever! It was a dream come true! Australian streetwear brand, nANA jUDY, showcased their Spring/Summer 2019 collection and let me tell you, I wanted every piece. Not only did I get to sit in the second row at the show, but I was also able to go backstage before the show to see models getting their hair and makeup done. Check out the photos and video below!

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month…

May was dedicated to Mental Health Awareness and I chose to share my story. I have the lovely opportunity to write for MISSBISH, a female-driven editorial platform, that allowed me to write a piece about how I cope with my PTSD and anxiety.  Only a few people know that I suffer from this but I felt that it was time to share and appropriate for Mental Health Awareness month. Music helps me through the hard times so it was only right to create a playlist of what songs, currently, help me to relax in hopes to help anyone else. You can click here to read the entire story and listen to my playlist.